What does "wellness" mean to you?

Being in a state of "well-being" can look different for every person.


At Norfolk Dental Hygiene we focus our practice of wellness on 6 main categories.


Oral Health, Healthy Eating, Sleep Hygiene, Body Movement, Stress Reduction, and Homeostasis.






















We collaborate with many professionals to help our customers achieve their health goals.

~General Dentists



~Oral Surgeons 

~Holistic Dentists

~Naturopathic Doctors

~Functional Medicine Doctors


~Massage therapists


~Personal trainers

~Wellness Coaches 

~Cognitive Behavioural Therapists

~Nutritional Microscopists

~Holistic Nutritionist

~Yoga Teachers

~Orthomolecular Nutritionists

~and so much more

Our goal is to help you discover health ailments using your mouth as a guide. We refer to other professionals as needed to uncover and heal any imbalances within your system.


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