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Tooth enamel is completely dead with no nerve ending or blood flow attachment to the body

Tooth enamel relies on the health of your saliva to provide nourishment, moisture, enzymes for digestion. With a diet high in essential nutrients, the saliva will be able to strengthen enamel, keeping it whiter longer.


Tooth enamel is what we whiten when we brighten your smile

Tooth enamel contains tiny pore called dentin tubules; peroxide is used to open these tubules and remove stubborn stains within the tooth enamel


Peroxide & Bleach are the only chemicals prove to whitening teeth

Caution to using products claiming to whiten your teeth; some of these systems can mean long term damage to your teeth. ALWAYS ask; how this product actually whitens the tooth and what are the ingredients


Brown & yellow shaded whiten the best!

Traditional tooth shades include; brown, yellow, translucent, medicine stained, grey, fluoride damaged, hypocalcified (white marks), demineralized (damage from acidity)

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