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Holistic Services

Teeth Cleaning

We offer multiple oral debridement types using both ultrasonic and hand scaling techniques to effectively remove calculus "tartar", bacteria "plaque" and biofilm "bacteria, protozoa and fungus

Stain Removal

 We use two methods for stain removal: “air polish” and “coronal polish”. Our polishes have both fluoride and “fluoride free” options


We use nutrition programs to help discover possible gaps in nutrients and assist clients with correction to restore, balance and calibrate their healing.

Ozone disinfection

This method is used as a natural disinfectant. Ozone is made in our office and immediately used for oral disinfection. We use mineral infused water to boost immune function and aid in the repair and restoration of gum tissue.

pH rebalancing

We have utilized multiple different tools to create our own customized approach to saliva pH correction. Our clients leave with a sample kit, send results to our office and are provided information and guidance to self learn or be consulted by a professional

Periodontal Treatment

We offer multiple different periodontal therapies to halt oral conditions and maintain good oral health. These are typically done using a customized approach after an assessment with a dental professional

Diode Laser

Laser is used prior to oral debridement to reduce bacteria entering the bloodstream during your "teeth cleaning" and aids in reducing bacteria by lysis (breaking) of the cell wall, exposing them to the immune system. With regular use at maintenance appointments, inflammation and periodontal conditions can be reduced

Therapeutic Polish

Recommended for clients suffering with tooth sensitivities, damaged tooth enamel, root exposure or those who have experienced an abundance of restorative dentistry in their past.

Our polishes have both fluoride and “fluoride free” options.

Oral DNA Saliva Analysis

We collect a saliva sample and send it to a lab in the US to be analyzed by a microbiologist. The lab sends us the report, we create a custom plan based on patterning and systems to minimize the bacteria load and reduce risk for future health decline

Vitamin and mineral guidance

Recommendations may be made to enhance the outcome of periodontal treatment, assist in maintaining health, and guiding oral health

Essential oils

We apply multiple different types of essential oils to aid in pain management, gum healing and prevention of periodontal conditions

Management of Tooth Sensitivity

We use multiple different outlets to reduce tooth sensitivity while discovering the “root cause” of the problem.

Periodontal and Oral Assessments

As part of the dental hygiene process of care, we collect and analyze data to diagnose periodontal conditions, and create customized plans to get clients healthier as fast as possible.

Periodontal Programs created by NDH

Owner Karyn Moore has created a strategic periodontal program using patterning and sequencing to minimize oral bacteria, boost immune function, assist in healing and improve oral health and well-being

Radiation Free Cavity Detection

The Canary System is used to detect mineral abnormalities in the tooth structure. We use this system prior to placing sealants and monitor annually for any potential changes. The device can also be used to guide mineral deficiencies seen through the oral cavity

Nutritional Microscopy (Partner)

Live blood microscopy is offered by our in-house “Nutritional Microscopist”. An assessment is performed using your blood as a guide for possible nutritional deficiencies. It is viewed and analyzed under a microscope. Suggestions will be made to enhance your nutritional needs. This service offers programs for continued support and guidance through your wellness journey. 

Appointments can be booked directly online through

Oral Self Care

Our registered dental hygienists teach multiple different self care platforms to guide you to a healthier mouth. These programs run from basic brushing and flossing to more advanced care techniques. By enhancing your tools and techniques, you could reduce your expenses and time spent at appointments

Guided Biofilm

 Therapy is a science based process that encourages client motivation and comfort. The therapy includes bacterial screening (purple dye) to view hidden areas of biofilm and microorganisms. Your hygienist will ask you if you would like to see the areas that could be improved upon. The choice is YOURS to view the results.

Once we have completed the screening and homecare (if applicable), your dental hygienist will use  AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master, technologies to remove the biofilm and calculus from the tooth and below the gumline


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