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Lifeforce Light Therapy

Lorraine Gambacourt

Feel Younger As Your Grow Older!

The LightCareRx Cold Light Therapy treatment is a non-invasive, no-touch, pleasant experience. The treatment area covers 178 square inches and penetrates 3 inches into the body deep into our cells to increase cellular energy, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and pain, and has an added benefit of increasing collagen production.  

About Lorraine 

Lorraine has been involved in the health and wellness industry for 40 years and became a Registered Dental Hygienist in 1985.  She has always been drawn to and passionate about products and services that enhance both oral and overall health and reduce inflammation.  Since 2019 Lorraine has been teaching other Registered Dental Hygienists about the benefits of “dental lasers” which led her to explore PhotoBioModulation, a form of light therapy that provides many health benefits. When she decided to retire from practicing clinical Dental Hygiene, she was drawn to LightCareRx PhotobioModulation Systems.

“As I get older, I think more about maintaining a great quality of life, and I understand how critical it is to lower inflammation in the mouth and body to reduce the potential for many life-threatening diseases.  I look forward to continuing my passion in a bit of a different direction as I provide treatments to the whole body with my Rx1 System to help people feel better, age gracefully and move in the direction of a pain free life".

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Synergistic 78

Karyn Moore

Live blood microscopy looks at your body's wellness on the cellular level. We observe the blood through a dark field microscope to look for abnormalities in flow shape or sizes which can tell us the behind-the-scenes story as to what is happening in your body systems. 

About Karyn

Karyn is a force when it comes to “thinking outside the box”. She believes in a “Integrated” and “Holistic” approach to health care. This is the philosophy that all systems are connected and one must consider all aspects when treating an individual. Mind, Body, Soul. She has been a Registered Health Professional for over 10 years, completed the training for nutritional microscopy and is currently enrolled in the Holistic Nutrition Program. She feels strongly about the power of prevention and information-based decisions when it comes to your health. She strives to bring overall wellness to her clients and works collaboratively with multiple different health providers in the community.

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