Karyn was born and raised in Port Dover, Norfolk County and currently resides in Simcoe, ON with her husband and two children. The sense of belonging to a place called home has become the center of her world. It’s important that Karyn teach her children the meaning of community while helping to grow the infrastructure and economics of the place she loves.


Karyn went to College in Brantford and Ancaster for dental assisting and dental hygiene while still living in the community. After working for several years in Simcoe, Ontario at a large dental practice, she decided to start her own office. With the hope of creating a relaxing atmosphere for people to learn about oral care, she opened a small clinic out of Embrace Hair Salon & Spa in Waterford, ON. She called the business Norfolk Dental Hygiene. After a few years working in Waterford, Karyn moved the office to Simcoe, ON. After a brief stay on Robinson Street, it was clear that she needed a new larger space designed specifically for her vision. Norfolk Dental Hygiene is now happy to call 44 Argyle street, Simcoe home.


The goal and focus of the business continues to evolve and Karyn is eager to continue to push forward into the future of overall health and wellness. Norfolk Dental Hygiene has a whole-body approach to oral health care which is unique to our small lakeside community.


Karyn is a proud member of all associations related to her profession, she is an active community member, and involved in several groups and committees within the county. Her passion and commitment to interpersonal care between health care providers is what her clients appreciate. She believes in guiding her clients to better overall health while focusing on mind, body, and soul development to help achieve optimum oral health.

“Everything is connected and we must assess all areas of the body to formulate a plan that’s best for our clients. Sometimes that involves nutrition, stress management, therapy, vitamins, diagnoses, fitness planning, etc.” says Karyn.


She is committed to discovering new products and services that help the public live healthy lives. Karyn is continuously updating her education, working with other health professionals, reading new research/studies and learning new techniques.

Outside of the office, Karyn enjoys biking, taking walks, camping, travelling, adventures, trying new things, watching her children dance and play sports, food/nutrition, and growing both spiritually and mentally. She believes, everyone is on an incredible journey and she intends to live hers to the fullest. Karyn is passionate about health and business. She feels small businesses are the cornerstone of our community and being an entrepreneur in the 21st century is dynamic and legendary.

As Norfolk Dental Hygiene moves forward into the future, Karyn is overjoyed to bring the evolution of her profession and passion to the community she loves so dearly.