Q: Are dental hygienists allowed to work without a dentist?
A: YES! You can choose who cleans your teeth! In 2007,
the laws in Ontario changed to reflect the importance of increasing access to care to the residents of the province. With this change, Registered Dental Hygienists may provide their services in settings other than a dental office.

Q: Why should you choose Norfolk Dental Hygiene for your cleanings?
A: At Norfolk Dental Hygiene (NDH) we strive 
to provide quality service in a relaxing environment!
We develop a customized treatment plan that is unique to you in order to help you achieve optimal oral health.  A holistic approach is what we are known for!  We are continually researching more natural options for dental hygiene treatment, products and tools. At NDH we like to collaborate with other health care professionals and we work together for the benefit of our mutual clients.  We get to know our clients quite well and sometimes refer to other health professionals as needed.  We would be proud to be a member of your overall health team. 

Q: Do I still need to see a dentist?
A: At NDH our main focus is prevention, not repair. Assessments are done at each of your appointments
if any concerns are observed these will be discussed with you and will be given the appropriate referral.
Working together is an important aspect of meeting all of your oral health needs!

Q: Do you direct bill?
A: YES! We do direct bill to your insurance company.
Q: How are you keeping me and my family safe from Covid-19 during an appointment? 
A: We have implemented the following practices and procedures in our office to help keep you and your family safe 
  • We are asking clients to arrive just 5 min before their appointment time to keep potential contact with other clients low. 
  • We use an infrared thermometer to check all incoming clients for any signs of a fever. 
  • We supply all clients with a pair of sanitized rubber crocs to keep outside contaminates out of the treatment rooms.
  • Your facemask is placed in a sealable container during your treatment to protect it. Our team is fully equipped with a fresh mask, shield, dressing gown, cap and gloves prior to entering your treatment room.
  • Each room is fully disinfected and sanitized between each and every patient