Dental Hygiene without a Dentist

Are dental hygienists allowed to work without a dentist?
YES! In 2007,
the laws in Ontario changed to reflect the importance of increasing access
to care to the residents of the province. With this change, Registered Dental Hygienists
may provide their services in settings other than a dental office.
This allows the public to choose the provider that best suits their individual beliefs and personal health goals. At NDH, we strive to use a "Whole Body" approach, this means if something is failing orally, we look inward at your systemic health.
Do I still need to see a dentist?
At NDH our main focus is prevention, not repair.
Assessments of your teeth and gums are completed at each appointment,
if any concerns arise, this will be discussed with you. At this point we may need to refer you to a dentist or specialist.
Working together is an important aspect of
meeting all of your oral health needs!
We strongly advise visiting your dental provider annually for an examination and X-rays to determine any treatment that may be required.

The benefits to your oral health

Dental Hygienists in private practice are solely focused on prevention not finding treatment

Dental Hygienists in private practice are extremely passionate about the health care system

Dental Hygienists in private practice strongly believe in reducing dental disease throughout the Nation

Dental Hygienists in private practice provide customers with one-one interaction without limitations from a busy schedule 

Dental Hygienists in private practice are determined to help you succeed with YOUR HEALTH GOALS!  


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