Careers at NDH

Opportunity awaits.....

At Norfolk Dental Hygiene we excel at creating an atmosphere for dental hygiene professionals to showcase their true talents.....Caring for the well being of others.

If you answer "YES" to the following questions, then you may be a great asset to our company.


1. Are you a practising self-intiated dental hygienist?


2. Are you in good standing with the CDHO?


3. Do you have malpractice insurance with either CDHA or ODHA?


4. Are you ready to expand your dental hygiene practices?


5. Are you open-minded to new ideas?


6. Do you believe in the oral systemic link?


7. Do you have an understanding how "Holistic Health" fits into the dental world?


8. Do you have a drive and passion to guide people to better health practices?


9. Do you RESPECT a person's decision and right to make informed choices?


10. Do you want to have a rewarding career?