Aleta joined Norfolk Dental Hygiene in 2015. Aleta has a unique and varied set of professional skills!  She graduated in 1990 in Graphic Design and started her own business a few years later in Saskatchewan. Since leaving Saskatchewan Aleta has held positions working with a broad spectrum of people in very varied fields! She has completed continuing education in Bookkeeping, Real Estate Law, Professional Organizing and Social Media Certification. Working as Office administrator at NDH offers Aleta the challenge of organizing it all and sharing her passion for health and wellness!

Aleta has learned a great deal in her health and wellness journey over the years. She has transitioned to a whole foods way of eating and has experienced the healing power of food. She loves to share recipes, tips and information about food sensitivities and natural remedies. Living with a greater awareness of the part we all play in the lives of all is and has been her motivation to volunteer at her church and the communities in which she has lived.

Aleta and her husband Dan have three grown children and are enjoying the recent “empty nest” phase of their life! They enjoy coffee dates, volunteering together, family get-togethers and drives through Norfolk County.  One of their greatest joys is watching their children learn, grow and start families of their own!

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