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Welcome to
Norfolk Dental Hygiene.

We pride ourselves on being an oral health clinic that considers the goals of our clients. We offer a variety of service options which allows customers to receive the care they want. Our approach is 100% customized to our clients.


If you're looking for a quiet, comfortable, relaxing, shame-free place to get your teeth cleaned

with so much more to offer, look no further than NDH.  

We offer two distinct paths for your oral health care to serve you where you are. 

Offered to those looking for a more "in depth" and "whole body" plan for oral health. This stream of oral health takes into consideration the impact of oral health on other organ systems. We work closely with other health professionals to help "restore" the balance of the body through the health of the mouth.

Treatments and services are more focused on the direct area of need. More traditional cleanings, scaling and polishes are used. This path is similar to treatment you would receive at a Dentist's Office.  

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